October - 2021

05. 10. 2021.

Welcome to my website!

Sooo... where to begin this? It's been a while since I worked on the project. It went through many iterations, I rebooted it many times already. It's time to finally do something serious. Well-- "serious".

This is a personal website to blog about things and to know HTML & CSS better. But more importantly, it always was meant with one question in my mind:

"If I find myself in a post-apocalypit world, what do I want to preserve for future generations?"

And this is how the idea of a "mini web" came in my mind, that supposed to also work offline. How? This website will have a downloadable variant every time I update it. I imagine it, that whenever I update it with new content, new topics, new side websites with other stuff, etc. you will find a zip file somewhere here if you want to have a copy on your computer.

This "feature" gets announced when the website will be in a better shape. Until then, I try to add new content here and there. For now, though, this is just a project that is still under heavy development. It's more like a prototype/alpha currently and I'm just experimenting with an organized page structure. This is a little bit hard, since the blog part is made manually. I don't want to deal with any content management system, I just want a website that can run fast on any PC, even on the cheapest, oldest Intel Atom netbook.

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